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Mission and Philosophy

A lot of how we work today is informed by ways of working that are over a century old. But the workplace culture, policies, organizational structures, values and norms rooted in that era have not kept pace with humanity's changing ideals. The pandemic and escalating social unrest laid bare this gap between organizational expectations and human priorities as more and more people are taking stock of how well their livelihoods fit with their lifestyles. 

Now people are redefining the qualities of a "good job" and what "success in life" looks like. Though on a national level we are still measuring success in GDP (Gross Domestic Product), people are transitioning to measuring success in happiness (or GNH - Gross National Happiness). This is the Human Revolution.

HU-X is both a product and an accelerator of this "human revolution." We believe that well-being, fulfillment, diversity, and belonging are not just the fluff we add to our work as a band-aid to alleviate burnout, stress, and constant need for "covering" (the result of inability to bring our whole-selves to work). It is an imperative.

We offer a unique cross-disciplined, human-centered and eco-system approach to developing people, teams, and organizations. The result? Happier people, a more creative and productive workforce, and a thriving organization equipped to excel in the era of the Human Revolution.

Mission and Philosophy: About
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