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Covering Survey: Read | Complete the Survey

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Covering Survey
  • What are we Covering?
  • What is it costing us, organizations, and society at large?
  • What can organizations and society do to help?

Shivani Shah

Human Factors Researcher

Research suggests that as many as 64% of us are hiding or downplaying something significant (to us) from our employer. We are concerned that if we disclose this aspect of us, it would have a negative impact on how much we are liked, perceived as competent, viewed as"promotable," etc. This phenomena is called Covering (for more on Covering follow Kenji Yoshino) and to an extent, some covering can be adaptive and, in fact, is necessary for society to exist. However, when the act of Covering becomes too tasking, it can have a negative impact on our productivity and ability to concentrate. It has also been showed to contribute to burnout, mental health issues, and more.

Here are some examples of what people are covering:

  • 58% of those suffering from severe migraines DO NOT disclose their condition to managers. If they have to miss work due to their migraines, they prefer to say they are taking a "personal day" or "have a cold." (Reuters

  • 68% of conservative students self-sensor in the classroom and believe they will be negatively impacted if they share their opinions (The Atlantic)

  • 62% of people with disabilities hide their condition from their manager (HBR)


We are looking to learn more about what we, as a society, are Covering, what is the implication for us as individuals, and (more most importantly) what can organizations, managers, peers, and society at large do to make things better.


Please complete as much or as little of this anonymous survey. We really appreciate your help and will share the results on


For additional information on covering, the impact of covering, and what organizations can do,please visit the links below:

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Burnout Survey
  • What actually is causing you to feel burnout?
  • What do YOU do to combat it?
  • What can your MANAGER do to help?
  • What can your ORGANIZATION do to help?

Fennie Change

Research and Analytics Project Manager

Coming soon!! Stay tuned!

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