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Build Your Dream Team

The "Great Resignation" has led to:

  1. Labor and skills shortages which most CEOs consider one of the biggest challenges organizations face today (Fortune, Deloitte).

  2. Exceptional practitioners have made the decision to explore non-traditional work arrangements.


It's time for a new business model. HU-X provides organizations with the opportunity to tap into a top-tier talent pool and select the skills and experiences they need.

Bespoke & Just-In-Time
Male Therapist_edited.jpg


Male Therapist_edited.jpg


All coaches are certified by premier coach certification institutes and many have advanced coaching certifications from ICF. Each coach has a specialty:

  • Leadership role (e.g., executives, new managers)

  • Executive presence & public speaking

  • Team coaching

  • Health and well-being

  • NLP

  • Work during long-term illness

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Whiteboard usage


Whiteboard usage


Variety of top-tier designers to help you enhance the human experience at work and your organization's performance:

  • Program Designers - Leadership, Manager, and Executive Development

  • Behavioral Economics - Nudge Architects

  • Human Factor Engineers

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Consultants & Advisors

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All consultants and advisors have specialized their own fields.

  • Organizational Development and Culture Change

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

  • Organizational Design

  • Brand and Culture Engagement

  • Stand in HR Leaders and Learning and Development

Motivational Speaker

Facilitators & Speakers

Motivational Speaker


Facilitators and speakers to engage your audience and spark long-lasting change:

  • Leadership, Manager, and Executive Development Facilitators

  • Group dynamics facilitators

  • DEI&B and Affinity Group Facilitators

  • Inspirational speakers

  • Career Transition, Culture Change, DEI, Brand Engagement, and a variety of other speakers





Meet with HU-X consultant to discuss your organizational needs.

Determine the type of expertise needed to achieve your goals.

Review HU-X talent and select the right practitioners to build your dream team!


Plug & Play

Hire HU-X practitioners to run and debrief a variety of assessments.

Among our offerings:

360 Assessments

Korn Ferry 360

360 Interviews

Denison 360

Team Effectiveness




Social Styles

Intercultural Development Inventory  (IDI)

Personality Insight

16 Personality Factor Questionnaire

Birkman Method


Hogan Personality Inventory


Strengths Finder

SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire

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