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Scale vertical growth

HU-X represents 60 top-tier coaches globally who partner with organizations to enhance satisfaction at work, develop leadership skills, increase readiness to assume roles with greater responsibilities, and much more. Each coach has at least one coaching area of expertise and our high-touch coach-matching process assures a fit specifically to your leader's and organization's goals.

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Keep Moving Forward in any Environment





"Real World" Experience

All coaches have served in leadership, executive, or C-suite roles in business, academia, or consulting.

Best-in-Class Executive Coaching Training and Education

All coaches are certified through first rate institutes centered on a "whole person" approach. In addition, 90% of our coaches have an MBA/MA and/or PhD.

Variety of Assessments and Tools

All coaches are certified in a variety of coaching assessments and tools, such as: Hogan Suite, Korn Ferry 360, DiSC, Firo-B, MBTI, Team Diagnostics Survey, Six Sigma, TKI, NLP, Intercultural Development Inventory, and many more.

Just In Time Support

As part of our coaching package, coaching clients are able to schedule support in the most critical moments, such as upcoming town-halls, presentations, high stakes conversations, and more.

Coaching Specialization

Each coach specializes in one or more specific coaching fields:


  • Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Career Advancement Coaching

  • Group and Team Coaching

  • Inclusive Leadership Coaching

  • Entrepreneur Coaching

  • Transition and Pivot Coaching (work and/or life)

  • Health Coaching

HU-X coaches have worked with a variety of people, including entrepreneurs, leaders, and executives at:

Accenter * Amazon * Bristol Myers Squibb * Citi * Coach * IBM * Intel * JPMorgonChase * Goldman Sachs * Google * Gucci * Kate Spade * KPMG * Merck * Meta * Microsoft * Mt. Sinai Hospital * Nike * Pfizer * PWC * SAP * Thomson Reuters * Unilever



Coaching involves both transactional and transformational development.  The meaningful and lasting growth that takes place during coaching is made possible through the unique coaching environment. This is why a successful coach matching process is one of our top priorities. A senior coach will meet with the coaching client for an intake conversation and will then recommend 2-3 coaches for "chemistry" conversations. The recommendations will be based on the match between the client's needs and the prospective coaches': (1) style, (2) past experience, and (3) areas of expertise.


Collaboration With Key Stakeholders

We partner closely with HR, business leadership, and other relevant stakeholders to align with your organization's overarching goals for the coaching engagements (pipeline building, retention, enhanced leadership skills, support leaders during M&As, expedited development in preparation for assuming a role with a broader scope, etc.).

As part of the coaching package, we offer quarterly meeting with business leaders and HR to better understand the changing climate and priorities for your organization.

Finally, we offer a Thematic Analysis of aggregated results from 360s and other assessments across all coaching clients to identify collective blind-spots and emerging systemic and culture gaps.

Coach Highlights


Beyond Coaching

Program and workshop design and facilitation: leadership development, DEI, enhancement, culture transformation, conflict resolution, and more.

Pipeline development journey, assessments, and dashboards.


Culture Architecture and Organizational Development: leadership competencies, employee value proposition, culture assessment and development, brand and culture engagement, team effectiveness, team coaching, organizational design, and more.

Premium coaches without the premium price tag so you can offer coaching to more of your leaders and employees to scale and transform your organization.

Client Testimonials

Without a doubt, one of the best investments I made in myself in 2021 was signing up for executive coaching sessions with HU-X. The coach matching process was thoughtful and very useful.

I feel very grateful for my HU-X coach’s skills and for the effort that she took in coaching me. She was able to help me with transactional items (e.g., constructing my elevator pitch) and with deeper transformational items that led to epiphanies that helped me unravel what was holding me back and create renewed confidence and optimism.

I feel very confident about what the next stage in my career looks like for me, and I am hoping more and more senior leaders, especially women, are able to make this investment and become even better versions of themselves.

                                                                             ~Mukul K., Executive, Engineering (Fortune 100 company)  

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Client Testimonials
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