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Culture Architecture and Org Development

Our diverse team of practitioners in the fields of Organizational Development, DEI, Brand, and Culture will partner with you to design and shape "how it feels" to be part of your team, department, and organization. We operate in all dimensions impacting culture:

  • Purpose

  • Vision

  • Values

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

  • Brand

  • Engagement

  • Operating System: organizational design, Performance Management, Policies, Processes, Norms, etc.

  • Leadership Competencies

  • Communications

  • Physical Set-up

  • And more...

Using a variety of methods and tools, we assess the gaps between ideal and current state to design customized interventions that put your people in the center.

Many organizations start culture conversations with the current state (organizational history to date, artifacts, etc.) and ultimately end up not very far from where their culture-change efforts began. HU-X takes a Design Thinking approach to culture, starting with the "human experience" that is right for your organizational strategy and values and through that lens, help you shape everything that impacts it. To borrow from the well-known Henry Ford quote: "why would you want a faster horse when you can invent a car?!"

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